Hobein Counseling Services LLC



Hello! Welcome! 

My name is Erika Hansen LMHC, LPC. I am currently taking new clients and would like for you to explore my pages. 

I am scheduling adults and couples only at this time. 

The kids I do have I am keeping, but I am not taking any new kids/teen referrals. 

I work with adults 18+. I specialize in suicidal thoughts, and self-harm thoughts.  I also work with neuro-divergent individuals (ADHD, Austism, PTSD, CPTSD). I work with clients who have trauma or suspect they have trauma. 

I work from a Person-Centered Theory and I am embrace the Feminist theory.

Groups, Couples, and Individual Counseling

I also offer a post-suicide attempt class. Please check out my group page for more information! 



I am affiliated with the M.A.D Therapy Collective.


Individual Counseling

Individual therapy is offered inperson or telehealth. Please go to the individual therapy page to read more information about this! Thanks!

Group Counseling

Groups are available! There is also a class available! 

Consultation Classes

I will be offering education about mental health disorders to first responders. 

WIll be offering How to Write an Illinois Petition

About ME

Hello! I am glad you are here! If you want to know about me, please go to my About Me page! Thanks! 



Contact me via phone at 563-232-9467, so I can answer your questions!